Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision:
To enable children in need to realize their joy and their potential through challenge, learning, discovery and care.

Our Mission:
We support children in need, locally and globally, who otherwise might not have access to valuable learning experiences – we do this “one child at a time.”

  • We will carefully identify and select youth who will benefit from secondary, post secondary and/or life skills education and match their specific need with only the right educational opportunity.
  • We support learning experiences that positively impact the children’s circumstances.
  • We will encourage youth to not only enhance their own lives, but to discover new opportunities to “make a difference” and positively impact others within their communities.
  • We work with recognized charitable, learning and educational institutions that have earned a reputation for excellence within their field.
  • We will choose to work with only those organizations who share in our commitment to excellence and performance as well as in our passion towards helping others in need.
  • StarFish Learning Inc. (SLI) funds the administration costs of the StarFish Foundation.
  • SLI will cover The StarFish Foundation’s administrative costs to ensure that ALL funds solicited for sponsored children will be directly applied towards their educational needs.
  • We are committed to gaining the investment funding required for the learning experiences from within local and international business communities.
  • We will work hard to ensure that our sponsored youth are provided with the level of funding and support that will allow for a full and meaningful learning experience.

Our Values

  • We do what we say we are going to do
  • We make decisions based on our values
  • Our communication is open, honest and direct
  • We appreciate and value individual and cultural differences
  • Our choices are filled with grace and ease
  • We create joy and laughter – it is important!
  • We are an organization that nurtures self-esteem and we strive to partner with organizations that share this commitment
  • Giving back to our community and to our world is fundamental to who we are and it is the genesis of the foundation
  • Our sponsored initiatives are relative to the future and current need of the child and their community
Quality Of The  Learning  Experience: 
  • The quality of the learning experience is the key factor in partnering and investment decisions
  • We believe that universal access to learning is the single most important element in creating a better world.
  • We understand that providing this access is a life long pursuit and we are committed to stay the course