Welcome to The StarFish Foundation

The StarFish Foundation is all about encouraging and enabling individuals to “make a difference” in their life and the lives of others. As demonstrated by the young man in The Starfish Story , our desire, and indeed, our ability to “act with conviction” begins at a very young age.

Through the StarFish Foundation, our vision is to support youth around the world in discovering their passion … and in finding their starfish … by providing them with funding and improved access to learning opportunities and educational services.

The StarFish Foundation is the realization of a dream of its two founders, Carol Fenn and Joanne Shields, who believe that education is the single most important element in helping people creating a better world. This belief supports the founding principle of The StarFish Foundation – the principle that by providing children and youth in need with enhanced learning opportunities, they will be enabled to contribute to improve the quality of their own life and the quality of life of in the community in which they live!